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Real Estate in the Stafford Area

A mix of modern life and poignant history, Stafford, Virginia sits within easy travel of Washington D.C., just 40 miles away, but retains the feel of the untouched, traditional America that so many are looking for today. In a world of increasingly fast paced, pressured life, taking a step back and enjoying the beauty, history and community of Stafford is something to savor. That’s why real estate in Stafford Virginia is becoming increasingly attractive for anyone looking to find a less intense life without sacrificing employment or educational opportunities.

As an area steeped in history, you can’t think of Stafford without thinking about the Civil War. The Battle of Aquia Creek took place in the area, and at that time an unbelievable 100,000 troops from both sides called Stafford home for a time. In fact, being founded in 1664, Stafford’s history stretches back further than the country itself, so it is no surprise that here you will find a high concentration of museums and historic sites anywhere in the country. Whatever your interest, there is something in Stafford to enjoy.

With so many attractions to choose from, it is hard to pick examples, however one is the wonderful Aquia Church dating from around 1751, one of the oldest churches in the country still in regular use. Also within easy reach is the Civil War Park, with an abundance of walking trails and other features to help visitors get a clear picture of life during the war for soldiers and residents alike. Another historic site that also connects to modern America is Government Island, the quarry where the stone for both the White House and the U.S. Capitol Building was excavated. You can take a stroll down the scenic trail and enjoy the natural beauty of Virginia while you are there.

Stafford real estate is also a wonderful choice for nature lovers, the region enjoys easy access to numerous national parks and extensive trails for all abilities. For those looking to raise a family in a Stafford property, you are never short of a family friendly outdoor activity. Of course, when you fancy a less active day, there’s still a lot to enjoy in Stafford. Shopping is a joy, with endless artisan stores covering almost anything you can think of, and with a huge choice of eclectic businesses if you are a fan of those unique items, Stafford has everything you could want.

Surprisingly, for a region steeped in history, Stafford real estate is relatively modern, with about three quarters of homes in Stafford being built from 1970 onwards. There are older properties in Stafford too, for those looking for something with more character. There is a wide range of property types including large lots, three and for bedroom homes, townhouses that feature up to four floors and almost everything in between. Those looking for Stafford real estate have a lot of choice and are sure to find the kind of home they are looking for.

The market itself is vibrant, with an average sale price of around $330,000, and it’s clear that Stafford real estate is in demand. In the last year, sales have risen by over 20% in volume, a huge increase and a reflection of how attractive property in Stafford is becoming. With easy commuting and a thriving local economy, Stafford is a wonderful place to set down roots.

With a third of the population under the age of 18, and just 5.9% over the age of 65 according to the last census, Stafford is a young region where families are building lives. For those thinking about real estate in Stafford, Virginia, it should come as welcome news that the school system reflects that. With a number of excellent elementary schools, middle schools and acclaimed high schools, along with several private schools and two universities, homes in Stafford are perfect for raising a family.

Buying a home in Stafford, VA offers a truly desirable lifestyle, whether you love outdoor activities, history or modern entertainment, there is something for all. More than that though, Stafford real estate also gives you the chance to live in the heart of this beautiful area, with a welcoming community and beautiful properties to choose from. If your dream is to start a business, with a booming tourist industry around, like many others you could turn your craft skills into a career, or simply use the easy transport routes to live away from the hustle and bustle of city life while still enjoying the employment options it provides.

Whatever you want, Stafford real estate can help you build the lifestyle you desire. An intoxicating blend of natural beauty, historic interest and modern America, properties in Stafford, VA help you turn a dream into reality.

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